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Damon Briggs before the Big Bang
Damon Briggs was a big-time member of the Paris Bloods, a well known street gang on Paris Island in Dakota.  Like numerous other gangs, the Paris Bloods was effected by the Big Bang event where all the street gangs came together to settle their rivalries once and for all.  After being hit with the quantum gas that killed most of the gang members, Damon "D-Struct" Biggs gained the ability to transform into a large molten creature with massive strength and a combustible compound.  Soon after, Damon gave up the gang life and decided to go on the right track, even finishing his senior year of high school.

Problems followed Damon when a few of his old fellow Paris Bloods confronted him.  They attacked him to indicate that he can't just quit the Bloods, and he transformed to defend himself.  The Bloods ran off, but also hatched a sinister plan.  They kidnapped Damon's father in order to get him to kill Static, who had been foiling their drug operations in the area.  After fighting Static, the two came to an agreement.  D-Struct and Static faked a fight that ran all the the way to the Bloods hide-out and easily defeated them as a team.  After the rescue, Damon took his father and moved away to follow threw with his dream of a better life.
Damon Briggs After the Big Bang



D-Struct is featured in the Static Shock cartoon show.  His appearance is that of a massive light monster, but his character is still morally right.  His storyline follows a similar path as the comic book character, with him being bad but joining Static's side in the end.

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