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  Cyvus Vail is a old powerful warlock. Vail is most known for leading the group of warlocks that erased Connor's memory of being Angel's son. Vail also holds a grudge against Sahjhan the evil demon who thrives on violence and complete chaos. Sahjhan also was resbosilbe for opening the portal that sent Connor to Qour-tath. 
   Vail uses Connor as his fighter to kill Sahjhan since his old age prevented him from fighting. The fight ends with Connor winning and Wesley smashing the box holding Connor's memorys thinking it will bring back Fred. After the fight Connor gives Angel a knowing stare, telling him he remembers everything. 
 Cyvus goes under ground for a while trying to avoid Angel and his team. He later came back when Angel joined The Circle Of The Black Thorn. When Angel decides to wipe out the entire Circle Wesley as assigned Vail. Wesley used a fire ball from learning a bit of his own powers. While fighting Vail explains how Wesley's little trick will never beat a true warlock. Cyvus freezes Wesle from movement and stabs him in the gut. Wesley uses all his strength to use one more fire ball knocking out Vail for a couple of minutes. Illyria finds Wesley and morphs into Fred's form to mourn Wesley's death.  Vail then wakes up and not knowing who or what Illyria is he tells her to take her best shot. She Punches his skull into pieces, killing him.

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