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Most healers subscribe to moral codes that prevent fraternization with criminals and killers. Precious few hire their services to clandestine organizations, performing miraculous acts against their better judgment in exchange for fortune. Cynthia, a raven-haired elf with great healing skill, exemplified the latter kind to an extreme extent. Not only did she serve as Sanctuary's resident healer, but she also counted many of the deadly cutthroats among her best friends. Well-liked by her fellows, she was always welcome at their drinking table, even if she felt the occasional insecurity due to her bloodless stock-in-trade. Cynthia held a special attachment to the assassin Cassandra. Attracted to Cassy's strong spirit, the healer once kissed her. Though Cassy did not share Cynthia's romantic feelings, the two remained close. When Cassy began dating Lusiphur, Cynthia trusted In her friend's judgment and accepted him whole-heartedly among their circle.

Cynthia is a healer Lusiphur met while working for Sacntuary. Their first meeting was when Luse followed the dwarven assassin Ghost into Sanctuary. Cynthia healed Ghost only to have Luse put about two hundred more bullets into him which she refused to heal.
After Luse's kidnapping in issues 13-16, Cynthia healed him to about eighty percent.
When Widonmaker attacks Sanctuary in issue 23, Morachi and Talon give Lusiphur to him in order to keep the E'jja from destroying all of Sanctuary. Cynthia takes great displeasure in this and says she will not allow it. The twin laughed asking what a healer could do against an E'jja. Cynthia just walked up be hind it and placed a necklace on it which put it to sleep. While the twins attempt to put out the fires burning in the church. Cynthia informed them that she quit. 
Cynthia was one of the friend Lusiphur contacted when he formed his team to rescue Jace and Wisp. Cynthia joined him and started a little flirting with Winston, the female monster hunter who was also summoned by Luse.  

What Was To Be...

Before the passing of Drew Hayes he had laid out plans for the future of Poison Elves. Cynthia was to survive the rescue mission, heal the wounded and nothing else was known of her future.

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