Who does Scott love more???

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Scott will always have some heartache over Jean's passing but the bottom line is he loves Emma Frost, he knew it at the end of Morrison's run, he love her because she supports him where he needs it, he says this in uncanny 19. Jean will always have a place in Scott's heart and he will have flashbacks of her from time to time but he love Emma and thats that. I think they are the best couple in comics, especially after AvX. I'm glad to see them still together in the new all new x-men sneak peek. SCEMMA 4 EVER

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Was Jean ever guilty of not supporting Scott? Heck, she supported him when he was Apocalypse.

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@sw04ca: I don't think it's so much she judged him as much as he felt he had to act a certain way around her, was afraid she wouldn't love him if he did certain things. Not really sure myself but i think that's what most people are referring too

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@McKlayn: Yeah, that's what I assumed. Mind you, we were a party to Scott's internal monologue for years, and he didn't seem to be crippled by doubt during his X-Dad years. I blame Apocalypse.

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@Teerack said:


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adult scott has emma and teen scott has teen jean grey (wow, everything works out for scott)........i think this marks the end of marvel and it will reboot all there comics like DC......especially with the time/space continuum breaking

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I think jean even teen jean is too much woman for scott.....lol xp

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adult scott has emma and teen scott has teen jean grey (wow, everything works out for scott)........i think this marks the end of marvel and it will reboot all there comics like DC......especially with the time/space continuum breaking

Eh. Marvel now has just been out for less than a year and they've basically said the cross universe stuff is just for story opportunities. I highly doubt they will reboot anything. It's how Marvel has generally always been.

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I would say Scott loves Jean more and only because it's with that idealism which always accompanies first real love. He will always love Jean.

As for Emma, it's not so much more love as it is a more deeper and realistic love. The person he can be himself with rather the a person he should be, like he felt with Jean. Which is pretty much how everyone acts with an idealistic love. The whole -- "you make me want to be a better person" (Jean) or "I accept who I am and be myself with you" (Emma).

Completely different kinds of love.

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@McKlayn said:

@JohnnyGat said:

Cyclops is to mutant survival is like Batman is to Justice.

It's funny you said that, me and a friend of mine was Comparing Cyclops to batman the other day. It seems the more Marvel writes him lately the more similar they are in some ways. Mainly the fact that he seems to have back up plans for his back up plans, back up plans. The man out smarted the avengers during most of AvX and un doubtly will already have a plan to get out of the prison just waiting for the right chance. And if AvX proves anything, cyclops always wins :D much like batman

It's funny that when I think about it their main nemesis (Sinister and Joker) bothhave pasty white skin... Yeah I'm stretching but you know what, Sinister and Joker have always been my top 2 favorite villains so I'm not even sorry :P

The old mentor(Alfred and Xavier) thing is also quite similar. I'd actually love if DC does something with Batman like Marvel did with Cyclops but with a better story and plot.

On topic, I'm not sure who he loves more cause he never seemed to truly get over Jean but I think or actually I'd like to believe that he loves Emma more.

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In terms of Love, he loves Jean more. Jean taught him so much. It was because of Jean that Cyclops was able to take the sliver of the VOId from Emma's forehead and lock it away in his psyche. Jean has always been his true love, but love doesn't always conquer all. Even married to Jean, Scott was having a "psychic affair" with Emma. It is hard to say you are truly in that deep of love if you are having an affair on that person. Ultimately, where Scott is now, he is better off with Emma as they (both Scott and Emma) can come off as cold and abrupt. I think Emma is less middy and can handle Scott better. Ultimately, I think, as one user has previously stated, no woman right now is going to derail him from his PASSION, which is the Mutant race. PASSION overrules love in this case. Mutant Race takes the win for Scott's heart.

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jean grey

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Emma is hotter!


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Me. But he can't have me.

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Jean will always have a place in his heart, but his love belongs to Emma.

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I want to say Jean but it's Emma...

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