What's with all the hate on Cyclops

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#1 Posted by jlat89 (317 posts) - - Show Bio

It seems that every other person hates the character for some reason.  I understand he was portrayed like a punk in the movies, but I mean, actually reading the comics, he's a pretty legit character.

#2 Posted by KingLoki (390 posts) - - Show Bio

Cyclops is awesome

#3 Posted by D3athstroke (3898 posts) - - Show Bio

He was Moron in X  Men Animated series

#4 Posted by Son_of_Magnus (15258 posts) - - Show Bio

Its fun

#5 Posted by Edamame (28010 posts) - - Show Bio
@D3athstroke said:
" He was Moron in X  Men Animated series "
True that!   LOL        %Pr
#6 Posted by Biondello (53 posts) - - Show Bio

I think he is just an easy target, he is the leader of the X-men so every thing readers don't like can be traced back to him.

#7 Posted by KattVonNoir (250 posts) - - Show Bio

I used to really dislike him when he and Jean were an item, I am not sure why but together they annoyed me. Since he has been with Emma, I am really starting to warm up to him. She brings a different side out of him.

#8 Posted by Dane (10475 posts) - - Show Bio

In my experience, Cyclops is actually one of the most well respected X-Men. At least on the battle forums.

#9 Posted by Edamame (28010 posts) - - Show Bio

Sinister walks all over him. 

#10 Posted by DevilmanEX (617 posts) - - Show Bio

In other media they always play Cyclops like he's a prepubescent school girl.  In the comics he's always been the man especially since the Prof. has been out the equation.  He's like the  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  of the mutant world now.....he's not playing any games w/ nay sayers! He will send a team to kill you! lol doesn't even matter if you live in the future or past, he will send a time traveling X force team to end your life.  Cyclops has def come into his own in the past 10 years lol

#11 Posted by Shatterstar (4439 posts) - - Show Bio

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