Off My Mind: Could the Red Skull be Controlling Cyclops?

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Ever sense Scott broke out of jail he seems to be making more and more radical choices and doing things that don't seem characteristic even for him. Scott's current actions seem to be leading the world towards a Mutant vs Human war. The Red Skull wants to start a war with Humans and Mutants, so sense he now has the powers of Professor X it wouldn't be very hard to manipulate Scott in order to achieve this. There is also the fact that Magneto is the only person on the team who doesn't believe in what Scott is doing and doesn't want him to continue on the way he is. Magneto is often wearing his helmet that he created with the purpose of blocking Professor X's telepathy, so what if he is the only member of the Uncanny X-Men Red Skull can't influenced, and the rest of them are all being subtlety controls by mental suggestions. Emma Frost has also lost her psychic powers, so she wouldn't be able to tell that this was happening. I feel like there are enough clues that it could be a real possibility.

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No, Cyclops is an evil extremist and he'll die soon, so that another good guy can become evil and take his place.

Having him controlled by Red Skull or Sublime would only reduce culpability, and since Cyclops isn't loved or understood by anyone currently writing an X-Men comic, it means he's Satan.

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@FadeToBlackBolt: Idk I think the All New X-Men writer has a thing for Cyclops.

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@Teerack: Bendis, and he does. He hates Cyclops. Cyclops is a subtle and quiet character, and Bendis loves loud, shallow, stupid characters. It's why Cyclops is evil and Wolverine is Buddha now.

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Are guys reading Uncanny X-Men?

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@ApatheticAvenger said:

*sigh* No, just no.

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@ApatheticAvenger said:

*sigh* No, just no.

I concur.

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Could go father back then that. Apocalypse took his body at one point. It was assumed to be gone but Cyke suffered from some deep depression for a while and then cheated (mentally) on his wife. Following this, when he was watching his people die out, he did get pretty intense, then of course a cosmic entity started to corrupt his mind. Could be there's still a splinter of him in there that's been awaked more after god-like power entered into Cyclops . The whole "Mutants are the greatest" mentality of Cyclops is relatively new. Could be Mr. Survival-of-the-Fittess, Apocalypse, still has a tiny splinter inside Cyclops' head.

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