Is Cyclops a self-righteous elitist?

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Or could our beloved and cherished misogynist one eyed leader just be going through a midlife crisis?

Remember, the slogan is not "Cyclops Believes in you" or "Cyclops loves you", but "Cyclops Was Right"

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No, he's just right.

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1. He's fighting for the common mutant, so unless you have an example where he acts elitist, I don't see it.

Or could our beloved and cherished misogynist one eyed leader just be going through a midlife crisis?

2. If this isn't flaming, I don't know what is.

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@alka_seltzer: Here's an idea. Quit with the obvious character hating bait comments, then we won't have problems. If you have a problem with a character and don't like them, fine. No problems in hating a character and speaking about it. If you hate cyclops then that is your right to hate the character. But doing so constantly in a fashion to just get arise out of people, then leave. You've done this in other threads that haven't even warranted it.

Warning for bait comments and have a nice day.

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Oh, Cyclops, what's he like with all those misogynistic jokes?!

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Remender's Havok was the self-righteous elitist.

Modern Cyke is just poorly written.

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@god_spawn reported for speaking off-topic, have a nice day!

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*FUN FACT* any user sporting that avatar with a low post count is an automatic troll

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@jonny_anonymous No, this is not a gimmick. Im a lazy person.

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the x-men are going through a rough year .

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it was also "cyclops cares signs" from all-new x-men 3

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Cyclops is just better than you.

Haters gon hater

Trolls gon troll

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