how would u like Cyclops portrayed

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in an X-men movie series reboot?

just curious on what the fans want?...

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@phisigmatau: I would like for him to be portrayed like he was in the comics (not current Cyclops). I need him to be a great leader and tactician who cares a lot for mutants. He should be heroic and used more, unlike the X-Men trilogy, where he was barely useful.

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i actually don't mind him being portrayed like he is now. But perhaps it'll only work in the context of the existing movie series.

Following what happened with Jean and his own "death", Cyclops could return (or maybe he never actually died) with a different approach then what he had previously. There is an X-Force movie in the works, so maybe instead of bringing in Cable (which would be one helluva mess if u want to explain his origins), Cyclops could start X-Force with a few breakaway X-Men, a reformed Magneto and some new mutants. They will of course butt heads with Wolverine and his merry X-Men.

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Like a leader, which I suppose was shown to an extent, but not enough. I want to see him being tactical, thinking on his feet in a fight, and clashing with Logan. At the same time, he should also be shown to be super-strict and a control freak, with others joking about his stoic nature and inability to relax.

And another important bit is that I want to see his dedication to Xavier's dream of peaceful cohabitation - he is easily the one who believes the most in the Professor's idea, so maybe we could have him do a dramatic monologue of some sort...

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this is what i put in another thread

Maybe have O5 but kill one or two of them off to add newer age Storm (and she plays an integral part to the plot- i'll get to that) .

Xavier's vision and the X-men's allegiance to it-

When they find out that Magneto is targeting a Sentinel plant and discover what Sentinels are made to hunt and kill mutants, the X-men lose a lil trust in a peaceful co-exist theory.

Cyclops a leader?

The highest ranking student and athlete of the academy, Cyclops has always performed well. When the stakes are really high and they have stop Magneto's terrorist attempt; and people or his team a member(s)(Angel?) get killed because of his imperfect judgement, Cyclops and the rest of the team question his leadership ability.

Jean Grey's loyalty to Xavier and Scott

When Bobby begin's to doubt peaceful co-existence after the Sentinel discovery, she rushes to defend Xavier's beliefs. However having grown up in a environment from where she was abused for being different does she even believe in peaceful co-existence herself? Also She's secretly in love with Cyclops but is that skewing her judgement of his leadership abilities? Especially after a team mate is killed due to a poor decision?


After failing against Magneto the first time they urge Xavier that the team needs more strength. Leading to the recruitment of Storm. They also don't know if Cyclops is the best leader and also have issues with the co-existence theory.

Cyclops allows Storm to lead the team after his failure and pressure from the team. The team goes to protect a government building from a brotherhood attack but both teams are ambushed by Sentinels. After being captured and shipped to Genosha, Cyclops leads members from both teams and other mutants out of prison after giving a speech about co-existence and Xavier way. They find the real Sentinel farm and Cyclops leads both teams including Magneto to the destruction of the farm and also the freedom of the mutants. The X-men announce themselves to the world from the slave camp in Genosha, also bringing light to the injustice to mutants.

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I think cyke was at his best when he was portrayed as a ruthless tactician who doesn't care how people view him as he is more concerned with the safety of his people.

so I would like to see the ruthless tactician. or see him become the ruthless tactician as the movie progresses. and to take command from Xavier (because he has done something to betray the trust of all/most of the students)

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You know, like Cyclops? But I guess that is too much to ask for these days.

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First, I would like for Cyclops to not die.

Second, I would like for him to have a main role and not just a background role.

Third, I would like for Cyke to not be a moron and to be, instead, be the great tactician and leader he is.

Fourth, BOY SCOUT.

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