How Powerfull is Cyclops now ?

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Now that Cyclops has part of the Phoenix Force. How powerfull is he ?

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He seems to vary. The entire P5 just got taken out by Sinister when he prepped for them and almost seemed too easily. As of before his recent upgrade since Namor has fallen, he has stopped Mjolnir with a finger, shrugged off Gladiator's blows for the most part and managed to even stop Gladiator's heat vision with his optic blast while holding back (at least I took it as he was) and when Glads had every intent to stop them. Those are just the few that come to mind. But he is stronger than that now. As I said before Namor has fallen. When one of the P5 falls, the wielders portion leaves him and goes to the remaining users. So now he has 25% power instead of 20.

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Not very powerful when you consider the stuff Rachel and Jean did with the Phoenix Force. I haven't really seen anything that put him over Silver Surfer level.

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Hard to say .

He hasn't gone full-on Dark Phoenix so we probably won't see his full potential until (if or when) he does go over to the dark side. And as said, the power is divided.

From what we know of Cyclops, he's highly disciplined and is seemingly the least likely to fully give in to the Phoenix Force for destructive purposes, because unlike the other P5, he is still unwilling to go all the way.

The same could be said for his pre-phoenix self really.

With AvX coming to an end, we may yet find out how powerful he could be.

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