Duplicity of Cyclops

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I've got some beef with Cyclops.  In the Kings of Pain story arc, Proteus is brought back to life and wreaks havoc.  All the boy wants is some order in life.  Marvel Girl (or Phoenix, or Jean Grey, or whatever name you know her by) glimpsed into the being's mind and saw that true happiness came while Proteus was dead.  Cyclops is immediately for talking Proteus into killing himself.  Does this seem counter to anyone?  The Boy Scout of mutants wants take the easy way out.  Others in the group want to explore other options.  Nothing comes close to changing Cyke's mind.
Align this story with what happens to Ship in Endgame.  Ship gets infected with some type of virus and starts attacking anything and anyone.  As a matter of fact, Ship is going to explode if something isn't resolved soon.  The amazing thing: Cyclops is torn out of shape at the fact that he's got to lose this sentient space ship.  Sure, they've been "friends," but we are talking about saving the world.  Why the discrepancy of being willing to sacrifice the life of a boy but not the "life" of a ship?  
One thing I do know, the Proteus stigma doesn't last for long.  Cyclops is at least able to make the sacrifice when it is his own son, so I guess my beef isn't as big as I'd thought.  Yet the differences still intrigue me.  Of course, I've looked at this with a more objective eye.  What are the subjective thoughts?

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Different writers?

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@Meteorite: Oh, most definitely different writers. But you'd think that by this time in comics that Cyclops would be a flaghip enough of a character that everyone would just know that Cyclops would never ask a kid to kill himself. Then again, this post was written pre-Schism. Maybe this instance should have been a red flag.

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Ship didn't nearly kill his friends during their first encounter. It's been a long time since I read Endgame, but it wasn't Ship's wish to hurt anyone, it was being taken over no?

Proteus wanted violence the first time, and wreaks havoc when he comes back a second time.

That's the difference.

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