Cyclops respect thread

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Bout time,the best leader next to Cap is shown some respect!

Speed and Accuracy...

In Uncanny X-Men #93 Cyclops fights Quicksilver, and Quicksilver himself remarks that only his speed saved him from being hit by Cyclops... speed.jpg

In Uncanny X-Men #124, while trapped in murderworld, Cyclops clears out a room of machines with just one blast...

Uncanny #144, using only one optic blast he sinks every ball on a pool table...

In Uncanny #152, he deflects his blast off three surfaces to hit Sebastian Shaw, and push him towards the waiting Colossus... Shaw.jpg

In Uncanny #170, he flips a coin, and blasts the centre out of it, leaving only the outer edge intact...

In X-Men #112, he fires, deflecting his blast round a corner to take out two waiting enemies...

Again in X-Men #112, he fires past Magneto, hitting Magneto's helmet, which rebounds and strikes Magneto... helmet.jpg

X-Men #137, he fires, breaking Redneck's nose but not causing any other damage, then he fires a second blast that breaks Radian's leg...

His visor...

Even though the most common way Cyclops activates his visor is by pressing a button beside his ear, he has on occasion used other means...

Uncanny X-Men #93, he fires his blasts simply by opening his eyes after keeping them closed for a prolonged amount of time... not exactly practical but it works.. time.jpg

Uncanny X-Men #95, Cyclops opens his visor by simply opening his eyes fully... opening.jpg

In Uncanny X-Men #96, he does the same again... opening1.jpg

In New X-Men #114, he casually stands firing at a sentinel with his hands at his sides... opening2.jpg

People may argue that these instances could be attributed to the artists' habits, but i believe there are far too many instances to discount the possibility that his visor may open without the side button being pressed, that the button itself is merely used to change the intensity of the blast...

at least thats my theory...

Hand to Hand/Powered Combat...

In Uncanny X-Men #127, he baits Wolverine into attacking him because of his fear of Wolverine's ability against Proteus, and Cyclops holds his own, even dodging Logan's Claws...

In Uncanny #175, defeats 6 x-men who believe he is phoenix... he defeats them all over the course of several pages, and with cracked ribs to boot... v 6 part 1.jpg v 6 part 2.jpg v 6 part 3.jpg v 6 part 4.jpg v 6 part 5.jpg

In X-Men #112, he takes on a room full of armed soldiers and defeats them all in seconds...

While not all these are combat based events, these pictures do show an amazing versatility and mastery of his powers.

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Thats fine.Wanna make me stop?

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about time people stopped posting stupid "respect threads"... they're just getting annoying now


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I will.

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I dont care.If they dont like respect threads dont come to them.

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Not smart Akira. Not smart at all.

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Your post would have been better if you (hadn't made it) just linked to the original thread. As it is now, it's an ugly wad of links, two deleted images and a bunch more that aren't showing up at all and text. Save your scans for battle threads that call for them. Decided not to lock it though, maybe someone will get something from it or make it better.
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cyclops could possibly beat superman if he absorbs energy from him; then again that might be too much power to handle. I use to dislike the guy cause he was beefing with wolverine but really he is a worthy heroe. he'd actually kill captain american. its a known fact. he could physically fight himself but if that doesn't work then he could just optic blast america.

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booo :P

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@Nighthunter said:
" booo :P "
Hey I had to help it out. Was looking a little...scarce. ^^
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Cyclops is one of my favorite comic book characters of all time. He's one of a handful of people that really command respect without having it be solely on power, even though his power is nothing to laugh at.
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cyke's visor is also operated by buttons in the center of his hands that he uses instead of the side button of the visor, those buttons are the only way to open the visor
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@theacidskull: Good. I think people deserve a good respect thread and I think mine accomplished that in an organized fashion with a solid amount of information.


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