Cyclops Cast For X-Men: First Class

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Every time we hear something about X-Men: First Class I can't help but wonder what the heck is going on. I would like to think that those involved with making this movie know what they're doing. I'm just not sure what that exactly is. We've seen word of a bunch of different mutants appearing in this movie and most of them aren't what I consider the "first class" of X-Men. At least Cyclops will be in it.
AintItCool received a tip that Matthew Vaughn has cast Aaron Johnson as Cyclops. Not really a surprise since they did Kick-Ass together and were both recently seen with James McAvoy (cast as Professor X).
We'll have to wait for an official confirmation. Apparently AICN contacted another reliable source and they were able to confirm this news for them. 
I'm not really sure how I feel about Johnson as Cyclops. Perhaps once we get an official full cast line up we'll be able to get an idea how all the characters will work together. It seems a little weird how actors are now starting to play multiple superhero roles.
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O_O not sure if i like this casting, but it's cyclops who i really don't care for to begin with so oh well XD guess he's ok

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I dunno, I'm finding it difficult to picture right now.

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It's quite amazing. Just after that release of who would be playing Emma. I thought my interest in this movie couldn't get any lower. I just know they are going to pull that load about Emma being a lover/former lover of Xavier that they did in Ultimate X-Men. I was all excited to have a teen version of Emma in the Ultimate Universe and "that" tripe is what I got. It's why I never bought Ultimate X-Men.
This news makes me even less interested in the movie then I was before. I now don't think I will even watch this when it's eventually out on DVD. It looks more like something worth avoiding altogether, such as that pseudo-Catwoman movie.

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Im so done with the xmen movies ! they are all no good and have no sense of direction. I would love to have somone who realy repects and knows the franchise work on these films. The only good marvel films ive ever seen was, the second hulk , the second punisher (with john travolta) and spiderman. All the xmen movies suck and its so sad.    

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ummmmmmmmmmmm ok this is weird. Don't get me wrong I liked his performance as Kick Ass but Cyclops ?? I don't know about this.

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He looks a little too happy to play the brooding, self conscious, paranoid Scott Summers I know and love.
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Heath Ledger as Joker?!?!?!?

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I have a feeling that this movie is still going to suck.
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Don't know what the big deal is yet, we have seen far worse casting in the past. It should be fine, I am more concerned with how exactly the movie will play out. How are they altering the storyline to fit what they want to do because it seems that they are not really doing the "First Class".

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@Duncan said:
" I hope to god that they soon say that this film is a reboot. "
lol same
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this is the kid who knocked up a 40 year old woman, right? 
 Now it makes sense...clearly research for the role, dating an older woman in preparation for Emma Frost. 
I joke. How old is Emma really?...doesn't matter.  
Anyways, I don't know about this casting...he doesn't scream Scott Summers to be...even pre-pubescent Scott Summers...but at least they are finally casting the actual FIRST CLASS.

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@mimschkin said:
" I dunno, I'm finding it difficult to picture right now. "
Why not just use the guy from the Wolverine flick?
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his voice was very whiny in the first flick, idk how he sounds in other roles,
but let's give Cyclops some justice eh

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of course they gotta have Cyclops...dude is gonna need a haircut though

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@FoxxFireArt: You know it might be possible that they could have a teen Emma, you never know :P
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I like this idea.
#18 Posted by sora_thekey (8210 posts) - - Show Bio


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Love Cyke and Love arron Johnson, so I am pumped about this casting news. 
Still worried about the movie though. Feel like FOX is trying to stir the pot again. Most Likely they Told Vaughn he could have full creative control but then they are pulling that away from him slowly peace by peace.  But By the sounds of it the movie will go from ProfX and magneto from when they are kids to when they are running the x-men. Past where Origins: Wolverine left off.
I'm a huge fan of x-men, but not the movies, but because I am a huge fan I cant help but have a little hope in it. What I am hoping for, is that they pull a Star Trek Prequl/reboot thing. Where something happens in the movie that changes their future so the other movies happened but they didnt happen ha ha. That way they arn't ignoring the other movies but they are rebooting it at the same time. Better then just a Prequl like the movie is now.

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I have my doubts about this movie.
#21 Posted by Namor1987 (1892 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll be seeing that KIck-Ass was funny as hell

#22 Posted by sparty-dbq (865 posts) - - Show Bio

That's it, I'm not seeing this movie.  I thought it would've been hard enough stomaching a Scott-Jean-Emma triangle, but now we've got a 19-year-old as Scott, a 28-year-old as Emma, and a 31-year-old as Xavier, which leads me to now believe that Emma's humping the professor in this, and that's much worse. 
Then again, Aaron Johnson knocked up a 43-year old woman, so who the hell knows?

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Maybe I'll watch this when its on FX... maybe.

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Maybe if he cuts his hair...

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@Joe Venom:
That would be weired though. If this is a reboot movie, then it's pointless to cast the same guy from the Wolverine flick. If only they hadn't shown that guy in the Wolverine flick, he would be a better cast in the first class. But Aaron Johnson as Cyclops? I don't see it. Unless they fix his hair though.  
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He's gorgeous!
Hell yessss! 

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Okay, marvel OFFICIALLY sucks with casting their characters to the big screen. Now I fully believe that this movie's gonna SUCK. HARD.

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@Comiclove5 said:
"I have a feeling that this movie is still going to suck. "

yep, but who cares; that dude is cute
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Oh god please no

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When I heard Singer was back I was actually looking forward to it. But now I don't know. It's just too much going on as far as the characters go. I don't see how it's gonna work if they have Iceman and Angel in it since they came later in the X-Films and were much younger. 
I think they should've just continued where 3 left off and had Apocalypse and Mr.Sinister as the main antagonists. With introducing an older Gambit, Angel becoming Archangel, Sunfire, an older Emma Frost, Cable & Bishop.
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att. Prez

#32 Posted by ManuelPrez (124 posts) - - Show Bio
@mr.obvious said:
" Okay, marvel OFFICIALLY sucks with casting their characters to the big screen. Now I fully believe that this movie's gonna SUCK. HARD. "
the one with the problem is 20th century fox, marvel needs to have the rights to make a good xmen movie
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Great choice imo

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would'nt it make more sense to cast the guy who played him in wolverine. I mean continuity and all that.
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Got confirmed Cyclops isn't even in the film so that guy being cast as him is not true.

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