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Major Story Arcs

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Cyclonus confronts the Autobots on Corata-Vaz

Cyclonus was one of the crew members aboard the first arc and was lost with the rest when it got trapped in the dead universe. Years later, while Nemesis Prime makes his plan to free the denizens of the dead universe from their prison, Cyclonus travels to Cybertron to see what the war between the Autobots and Decepticons had done to the planet that he had cherished so much. Upon seeing the wasteland the planet had turned into, he set out and attacked Ark-12 and its crew, while it was heading towards Garrus-9, to seek revenge for what they had done to Cybertron. Because of his exposure to the dead universe, the Autobots are unable to kill him but after Ultra Magnus arrives to assist the other Autobots, Cyclonus leaves to complete his mission. He heads to Corata-Vaz to activate the nega-core and its guardian, and while he activates the nega-core without trouble, he hesitates to activate the guardian because after seeing the destruction that had occurred to Cybertron he doesn't want the guardian to cause any destruction anywhere else. But as he leaves the cavern where the nega-core and guardian were, he is confronted by the Autobots he fought earlier. As they goad him into fighting them, he realizes that the ordered, structured intellectual he saw himself as was nothing but an illusion he created on himself and that he could not be part of Nemesis Prime's perfect universe as he is part of the erratic, unpredictable element he wants to erase. As the Autobots overpower him, he finds he has no choice but to activate the guardian - Thunderwing. As the Autobots turn their attention to Thunderwing, Cyclonus escapes before the ill effects of his exposure to the dead universe cause him to perish.

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