With All-Stars ending (issue 18) where should Maxine go?

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 With All-Stars ending (issue 18) where should Maxine go?

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It' s obvius that Cyclone will come back to the JSA along the rest of the All-stars. But i would like that they decided to do a series or mini, I don't care, about Stargirl and Cyclone as a dynamic duo. I would propose Matt Sturges (who did a great job with them in the All-Stars) and Peter Nguyen as artist (I love his work, Everybody should check his page on deviantart).

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FINALLY. How did this series last as long as it did?!

Cyclone and the rest should just join back up with the rest of the JSA, there was never any need for two teams.
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Back in the Old Days before digital bootlegging -- Powergirl did a stint in the League.  Jesse Quick was in the Titans --- and both Hourman and Atom Smasher were in Infinity Inc.  The real question is -- Would Maxine be better off (and better showcased) in the Teen Titans or another book?

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Considering the current DCnU 52, Maxine (if used again) could probably fit in with either the new upcoming Justice Society series or with the Teen Titans (although this doesn't seem very likely...)

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