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645351 ScarletKnight2814 Character Overview 02/17/15 05:38AM 16 Approved
600249 CaptainMarvel4Ever Character Guide If you can please check the links and see if they connect properly. 01/03/15 12:46AM 422 Approved
585626 Dernman Character Overview 12/13/14 09:48PM 2 Approved
585625 Dernman Character Overview 12/13/14 09:48PM 33 Approved
585624 Dernman Character Overview 12/13/14 09:45PM 9 Approved
579790 matchesmalone21 Character Overview 12/05/14 01:30PM 2 Approved
579789 matchesmalone21 Character Overview 12/05/14 01:28PM 1 Approved
579787 matchesmalone21 Character Overview 12/05/14 01:26PM 1 Approved
544676 matchesmalone21 Character Overview 10/08/14 02:08AM 4 Approved
543232 matchesmalone21 Character Overview 10/06/14 02:23AM 6 Approved
543088 matchesmalone21 Character Overview 10/05/14 06:48PM 178 Approved
513441 timelord Character Overview Added Current events section 08/23/14 02:06AM 48 Approved
505691 Jphu8414 Character Overview Added some small details on the character. 08/12/14 06:23PM 23 Approved
500814 Jphu8414 Character Overview Corrected a release date. 08/06/14 02:34PM 1 Approved
498143 Jphu8414 Character Overview Small detail added. 08/03/14 04:06PM 14 Approved
458856 Jphu8414 Character Overview Added a section to Other Media 06/12/14 03:48PM 92 Approved
458787 Jphu8414 Character Overview Added a picture to the Forever Evil section. 06/12/14 03:10PM 6 Approved
458762 Jphu8414 Character Overview Added some more details on the character in a new section titled Forever Evil. 06/12/14 02:59PM 112 Approved
330702 CyborgFanatic Character Guide Im sorry I couldnt get the excat issue numbers 01/08/14 09:30AM 6 Denied
302982 CyborgFanatic Character Guide I apologize for not having the exact issues. But otherwise I put in the New 52 comics where he gets panel-time. 12/15/13 07:58AM 8 Denied
247011 Exile-616 Character Overview 10/15/13 08:08AM 3 Approved
236114 EvilPenguin543 Character Overview Fixed up the "Trinity War" section,edited the section about Injustice. 10/03/13 05:01PM 1 Approved
212320 Gordon Kelly Character Overview 09/14/13 07:43PM 65 Approved
208079 blkson Character Overview 09/10/13 04:09PM 15 Approved
207792 blkson Character Overview 09/10/13 10:24AM 16 Approved
196975 dondave Character Overview 08/28/13 10:01AM 37 Approved
161958 Black_Claw Character Overview I have changed information on Cyborg's appearance in injustice. 07/25/13 06:03AM 354 Denied
73669 Saren Character Overview Is there really nothing else worth writing about Cyborg apart from flimsy ties to Apokolips? 05/21/13 11:00AM 16 Approved
43584 nxt174 Character Overview 04/30/13 11:25AM 5 Approved
4080 SUNMAN Character Overview he was a wide receiver not a quarterback, whereas he was previously a track star Pre-flashpoint 03/29/13 05:58PM 1 Approved

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