What Do You Want To See In A Cyborg Title?

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I want to see Geoff Johns as the writer since he is the person who brought Cyborg into prominence again. He is talented at giving characters their due (Green Lantern, Flash, Superman, Aquaman, and Hawkman come to mind). But I want to see him stay on the book longer than he did for Aquaman or Flash. Cyborg needs A LOT more development.

I want Kenneth Rocafort on art duties because he's the best artist DC has for robotics and sci fi stories.

And I want to see more of the Red Room, more Victor/Silas drama, more on Vic's mom, new Cyborg villains and allies, more Apokalips, and more Ivo/Morrow/Orr.

What Do You Want To See?

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What you said. I'd also like to see Cyborg face Kilg%re.

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Can someone show me an OFFICIAL source that says Geoff Johns is leaving Aquaman? Because all that people have showed me so far is that old Bleeding Cool article, which I of course don't trust after Johns' official declarations, where he says that he's "anxious for everyone to see [Paul Pelletier's] work on Aquaman as we delve into the second year".

Anyway, concerning Cyborg's title: I'd like to give Joshua Hale Fialkov a chance, since I, Vampire is apparently ending. Artwise, Rocafort is a good choice, so I wouldn't be opposed to that. I'd like to see some worldbuilding, obviously some more interactions between Vic and his father... and that's pretty much it. I'm not sure if I want a Cyborg series yet though, since New 52 Cyborg is a shadow of his former self and he needs more character development in Justice League before he gets his own series IMO.

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Johns will probably write the Cyborg solo, but I wouldn't be opposed to Morrison doing it if he is interested (I don't think he is)

For art I either want Gene Ha, Ivan Reis, Andy Kubert or KR. Tony Daniel also does a solid job with Cyborg so he would be acceptable too.

Story elements I want/that need to happen:

  • Cyborg rediscovering his humanity
  • Vic slowly mending the relationship with his father, Silas Stone, over time
  • Cyborg developing a social life away from super-heroics and the Justice League satellite. Due to his appearance Victor can't have a secret Identity, but doesn't mean he can't do other things. I could see him helping out at Star Labs more and or helping out with disadvantaged youth.
  • His homebase should probably be Detroit, but it doesn't really matter cause he should boom tube anywhere
  • Victor needs to reconnect with his friends or develop some new ones. These can be other heroes, his high school friends, other scientists like Sarah Charles or simply new characters. He just needs friends the man lives in the watch tower he must be lonely.
  • Lastly Cyborg needs compelling villains. I strongly suggest that DC develops intriguing new villains for him to face, but in the result they don't or get lazy here are my recommendation for potential villains:

Other interesting themes the solo series could explore:

  • Cyborg's connection to Apokolips. Maybe this leads to some conflict with Desaad or someone interested in Cyborg's irregular tech.
  • The ironic connection between Cyborg, Amazo and Ivo through the AMAZe operating system
  • How Victor's mom passed away

whoever hangles the Cyborg series could take it in a lot of directions. He's not a blank slate, but there is a lot of development that can be done outside of his origin and powersett.

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