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CyberSix is a female genetic experiment in the comic series of the same name. She was created by the evil Doctor Von Reichter, a member of the SS and the Nazi party, and has survived via cloning.

Cyber 6 was part a series of genetic experiments, the cyber series, created by Von Reichter, who later destroyed the entire series because of their disobedient tendencies.

One of Cyber 6's "siblings", Cyber 29, died whilst playing with Cyber 6 prior to the extermination, and his brain was transplanted into the body of a panther, named Data 7, by Von Reichter. 29 became Von Reichter's mascot and executioner until he sent him after Cyber 6, and he remembered his past with her. He then became her partner in the foiling of Von Reichter's schemes.

Cyber 6 moonlights as her self, but during the day she assumes the guise of Adrian Seidelman, a poetry teacher at a lower-class, inner city high school in the city of Meridiana. The identity of Adrian came upon Cyber 6 as an act of fate when she was a young girl, as she escaped the genocide of the cyber series. She happened upon a car accident of two parents and their young son. The inhabitants of the car where all killed, and realizing she resembled the late son, Adrian Seidelman, Cyber 6 buried the boy far from the vehicle and assumed his identity.


Cybersix was created by writers Carlos Meglia and Carlos Trillo. The Cybersix comics were originally published in Argentina and written in Spanish between November 1993 and 1999, and spanned six volumes. Collections were released in French and Italian, with twelve volumes distributed by Editions Vents d'Ouest for the former and forty-five volumes for the latter, but no English or Japanese versions were ever made available. Four special-edition Italian Cybersix issues were also released, in addition to another six documenting Volumes 1 to 18.


Cyber 6 often has to drink "sustenance" from the bodies of Von Reichter's other experiments, similar to that of a vampire, though she has no fangs. She dresses in black and even has a "Dracula" poster on the wall of her apartment.

The other experiments of Von Reichter come from a variety of experiment series, such as Technos, Types, and Fixed Ideas, all of which contain the sustenance Cyber 6 so desperately needs.

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