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Cyberex, code named Big Boy, was a creation of Professor Walter Lawson before his untimely demise at the hands of Colonel Yon-Rogg. For some reason, Professor Lawson had programmed his creation to kill the Professor himself!


Cyberex was created by writer Arnold Drake and artist Don Heck in 1968.

Major Story Arc

Unknown to Cyberex, Captain Marvel had taken the identity of Walter Lawson after his death. So when Cyberx was activated he tracked down the new Lawson and attempted to kill him as programmed. Lawson managed to escape and return as Captain Marvel to defeat the android. However Cyberex had a built in self repair system and over a number of days managed to fix his damaged components. This time he tracked down Lawson's hotel only to find Carol Danvers snooping around in his room. Cyberex kidnapped Danvers in the expectation that Lawson would come to her rescue. However it was Captain Marvel who arrived and Cyberex was again defeated.

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