How did Cyber get his Adamantium Skin?

#1 Posted by Logan X (220 posts) - - Show Bio

Cyber is a great enemy of Wolverine and I've read all the comics Cyber has been in, but the writers have yet to fully explain how Cyber got his Adamantium skin. Maybe it will be in Wolverine Origins.

#2 Posted by castleking (24747 posts) - - Show Bio

first time i think was given by weapon x for his recruit training of logan and other weapon x'ers  as a reward for service along with the longevity  factor...

second time by some old man scientist after he came back in a new body

#3 Posted by EternalBiker (177 posts) - - Show Bio

His skin was grafted with adamantium in World war 2 but  by who is unknown
#4 Posted by Edamame (29365 posts) - - Show Bio
@EternalBiker: Probably by Mr. Sinister. LOL
#5 Posted by sweatboy (888 posts) - - Show Bio

i thought he STOLE the adamantium for himself

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