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Several years ago, Misery, Ripclaw, Warblade and Killjoy were all members of S.H.O.C and had a mission on the Isle of the Dead, near Gamorra. Their mission there is threefold; they have to find a guy who worked for Cyberdata that defected and kill him, retrieve the technology that he stole, which involved created advanced bio-synthetic organisms, and destroy the facility on the island. Ripclaw is dismayed that Misery is using her telepathy to enter his mind, causing him to fall in love with her. While Ripclaw and Killjoy enter the facility to kill the former Cyberdata employee, he makes his escape. Killjoy tries to telepathically contact Misery, but to no avail. While the former employee makes it topside, Warblade attacks him immediately, realizing that Misery is playing both sides. Warblade then attacks Misery just as Ripclaw comes back to the surface. Believing that Warblade was the traitor, Ripclaw fights him. Warblade is punched off a cliff while Misery fakes her death, making Ripclaw believe it. Years later, in the current time, Ripclaw, Misery and Warblade are back on the Isle of the Dead and Ripclaw and Warblade are ready to fight again, with Ripclaw under Misery's telepathic thrall. Ripclaw's teammates, Cyberforce, arrive to help Ripclaw and defeat Warblade. Misery then convinces Cyberfoce that the WildC.A.T.s are actually working for Cyberdata, causing them to fight each other.

Continued in WildC.A.T.s #7.

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