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Michael Konieczni was Al Simmon's (Spawn) friend, when Al was killed he tried to tell the truth about his assassination. Jason Wynn however had other plans and had his men capture Michael and forced him to become the first subject of Project: SIM and had his mind placed into a gorilla with mechanical parts and implants. It was not long till an agent was sent to retrieve the Project only to be killed by the creature. It somehow recognized Al Simmons' soul and keyed into his necroplasma aura. Cy-Gor blamed Al for its creation and sought to kill him for his part in Project: SIM It found him in the alleys and attacked him. Spawn however was too powerful and Cy-Gor was no match for Spawn who used a legion of bats to suffocate Cy-Gor and keep it incapacitated.

Later during a search for Spawn Wynn's soldiers raided Spawn's alley and found Cy-Gor and took it under Jason's orders. The soldiers believed the creature dead but it suddenly awoke and killed all the passengers aboard the plane transporting it before escaping. During his time free he wandered the country and slowly remembered his past. During these events he met a cult who raised the Goddess of Destruction, Kali but in her weakened state Cy-Gor beheaded her and the cult worshiped him as the new avatar of Death. After the events Cy-Gor was seen boarding a plane. His current whereabouts are unknown.

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