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Brief History

Oliver cutting loose
Oliver Cutlass is a detective working in San Fransico. He is married to a woman named Kwan Tai-Fun, better known as Typhoon whom is his wife and partner in the business. Cutlass has an extremely chaotic personality and often 'shoots first' and askes questions later. During two of his cases, he encountered the Defenders. The first case was when a murder had taken place witch he solved with help from the Defenders. The second case was when he and his wife where hired by an elderly woman to find an ancient statue. It proved to be a very difficult case. The Defenders helped out once again, but the uneasy team met with betrays, half-truths and more. Oliver soon took charge of the Defenders team and told them what to do, him being the only person to have any idea of what was going on. His extreme behavior and bossiness however did cause Beast and Gargoyle to get extremely annoyed by him. The case ended up with Oliver solving it. He parted ways with the Defenders, but not before telling them they where getting better, but where not there just yet, and "not to call him, he would call them", frustrating the Defenders even more. He has not been seen since.

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