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Hedgehog was born. That`s it. During the years `though, he has had pivotal stuff happened to him.

-He has found a girlfriend.

-Goed to city. He didn`t like that trip.

-And he has

He`s a hedgehog, what else do you think that he does, other than be a hedgehog!


Cursing Hedgehog was created by Milla Paloniemi, during a lecture. Out of boredom, she drew a comic about a hedgehog. She decided to post it to her website, just for fun. To her suprise, she got alot of positive feedback. She made more hedgehog comics, and after some time, hedgehog was a hit.


He curses alot. Alot. And so loud, that he can actually save himself from predators by cursing really loud.

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