roxanne_starr's Cursed Pirate Girl #2 - There Is But One Way To The Omerta Seas Through the Obscurum Per Obscurious review

A Puppy-Fish Tale

 Holy, moley…you ain’t ever seen sea creatures like this before! 
Swordfish in armor dueling with aplomb! Of course they can do that, because they have arms and legs.Schools of tiny fish that talk! Of course, they can only say one or two words at a time, but everything they say, they say in unison.A cute little puppy-fish! Of course he’s a vicious pit-bull that will gnaw a tentacle off an octopus in a New York minute, but he’s got such a cute puppy-fish nose.

If you think that these characters sound strange, their motives are even stranger. I became so engrossed with the piscine shenanigans at the bottom of the sea, that I forgot why Cursed Pirate Girl went down there to begin with. Usually when I read a book, whether it be a comic book or a novel, something odd will occur and I'll think to myself, "This is like when Batman did such and such...or King Lear did that." But I never recall similar occurrences from other works when reading CPG. It is just that original.

Posted by Cervantes

May have to get this.

Posted by Roxanne Starr
@Cervantes said:
 May have to get this.
Unfortunately, Bastian is very slow. It took a long time for the graphic novel to come out.
Did you manage to find a copy?

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