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He was Bolt's partner in special effects before Bolt turned to a life of crime…Current seemingly followed in his footsteps. Current was hired by Calculator along with Mortis, Mammoth and HIVE in order to help him take down Calculator's long time enemy, Oracle, once and for all. However, when Batman joins the fight with the Birds of Prey at the night club, Current tells Calculator by via comm link that he wants out. Calculator, of course, will not allow failure so he threatens Current that if he doesn't complete his mission then he may just have to ask Mammoth to pay a visit to Current's girlfriend.

When the Birds of Prey are taken hostage on a school bus, Current is instructed by Calculator to check for any tracking devices on the women since Batgirl was able to find Calculator's hideout in Slaughter Swamp thanks to Oracle. Lady Blackhawk takes advantage of this search by lashing out Current when he begins to grope her knees. Unfortunately, Zinda is struck back by his fully-charged suit. Current laughs off Zinda's threat that there are consequences for striking a lady as blood drips down her mouth.  


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