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Left to right - Moe, Larry & Curly

American comedian Jerome Lester Horwitz was better known as Curly Howard. His full Hebrew name was Yehudah Lev ben Shlomo Natan ha Levi. He became famous thanks to the Three Stooges along with his brothers Moe Howard and Shemp Howard, and actor Larry Fine. He shaved his head and mustache because comedian Ted Healy thought he wasn't funny like that. That's when Moe gave him the name of Curly. After divorcing his first wife, he started to gain weight and think that women didn't like him because of his shaved head, but he went on to marry another 3 times.

His famous expressions were "Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk", "Woo-woo-woo" and "N'gyahh-ahhh-ahhh! ". Sometimes he barked as a dog, sound effects were also used for him. His first movie short with Moe Howard and Larry Fine as the three stooges was "Woman Haters" from 1934. This short is very musical in nature, with all the words spoken in time to the music. His favorite movie was A Plumbing We Will Go (1940), however, Disorder In The Court (1936) is generally considered to be their best movie. He loved dogs and this was apparent in the movie Calling All Curs (1939).

In 1946, Curly suffered a serious stroke while filming Half Wits Holiday, a remake of Hoi Polloi from 1935. It would be his last appearance as a member of the three stooges. He very occassionally made cameo appearances after that, but he was never the same. Due to Curly being too ill to work, his brother Shemp was brought in to replace him. In the movie Hold That Lion!, it was the first time Moe, Shemp and Curly were together, although Curly's appearance was just a cameo. In Malice In The Palace they are together again but the scenes with Curly were cut. In 1948, he had a second stroke and in 1952 he died of a massive cerebral hemorrhage.

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