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This man's name is unknown; he only introduces himself as Curator. His history is hinted to go back to feudal China. Today he maintains an antique and curio shop, where all sorts of mystic or old items can be found. He has The Blood Sword, Anne Bonny's pistol and Gyantse Yerpa - the bringer of death in his collection. He helped to unlock the knowledge of Witchblade to Sara Pezzini. Recently he handed Michael Finnegan the Glacier Stone, telling him that greater destiny awaits him. When battle raged in front of his door, he explained Patrick Gleason about the 13 artifacts. After the battle he again talked to Finnegan, explaining to him that he needs to stop his opposite artifact bearer and seek out balance between their artifacts. He hands him The Blood Sword and the scroll of thirteen, sending him off to his journey.

Tau'ma came to Curator after he had turned Sara Pezzini against Dani, and threatened him to stay out of his affairs. Curator agreed that this time he does not stop his brother.



Curator resurfaced as the Survivor and wants to bring together the Thirteen Artifacts to destroy the world, so it could begin anew.

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