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A group formed following the death of Conner Kent, they were led by a man names Devem. Needing a test run before attempting to revive Conner, Ralph Dibny agreed to have the procedure attempted on his deceased wife Sue. Cassandra Sandsmark, the second Wonder Girl, was also a key member as she sought to return her former boyfriend, Conner, to life.

Ralph believes it might be a hoax so he recruits heroes that have all face death before, Hal Jordan, Metamorpho, Green Arrow ad Zauriel. The four infiltrate the Cult and wait for Ralph to give the sign to stop the proceedings. During the resurrection process the four reveal themselves and attempt to intervene in the ceremony. A fire starts during the melee that follows and Ralph is not quite sure if it is a hoax. The wicker doll that was used to represent Sue begins to move and he attempts to save it from the fire. In the rubble of the building Ralph holds a motionless doll, while Felix Faust waits in the shadows. It is unknown whether or not Faust was responsible for the seeming resurrection or if the ceremony really worked.

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