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Culp was a twisted, unpleasant, villainous dwarf involved in the same mysterious event that gave the Shade his powers, powers which Culp shares. However, the two quickly fell into confrontation and Culp soon counted himself the Shade's nemesis, they fought many times over the years, until finally the Shade thought he had destroyed him for good in London during the Blitz. Culp had instead would up being integrated into The Shade's body and had been subtley influencing his actions and gradually gaining power to put forth a plan to destroy the Shade's beloved Opal City. When Culp enacted his plan he encased Opal City in a shadow sphere and transferred it to a void dimension while his army of villains ravaged the Opal. During the crime wave he was able to become his own person again when he emerged from the Shade's shadow form and taking his power away from him. Eventually both Starmen Jack Knight and Mikaal Tomas and a shadow demon loyal to the Shade went into the shadowland's to get the Shade's power back , they succesed and Shade drew all of the shadow power into himself. Powerless Culp tried to get a passage of freedom by threatening the second Mist, Nash. But was brutally dispatched by the original Mist. Culp had taught himself to speak French with a passable accent, as he considers his native Cockney English to be vulgar.

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