Who is this guy?

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Cullen Bunn seems set to become a rising star at Marvel. He is currently heavily involved in the Fear Itself follow-up comics. He is taking over Captain America and Bucky, which will become a Captain America team-up book. He is also taking over writing duties on Wolverine and he is co-writing the next Venom arc with Rick Remender.

Marvel wouldn't be giving him these high profile assignments if they didn't believe that he was a major talent.

Is he a good writer?

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He's now also going to become the full-time writer on Venom?!

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Co-writing the next Captain America arc with Ed Brubaker. Still don't understand Marvel's faith in him. His work at Marvel so far has been good, not great.

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i think he has bombed at marvel. his stuff has either flat out sucked (deadpool kills the marvel universe, cap and) or has been middling at best (wolverine) i want him gone, he had a shot and he blew it.

marvel need to hire some good writers pronto, cause most of there current talent kinda suck. or are massively overrated like Remender and Aaron.

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