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An alumni of Missouri State University, Cullen Bunn distinguished himself with his original series, The Sixth Gun, illustrated by Brian Hurtt. This led to writing projects for Marvel Entertainment.

Current Projects

Cullen wrote two follow-up series to Fear Itself for Marvel: Battle Scars and Fear Itself: The Fearless. This led to his current run on The Fearless Defenders.

In the Spring of 2012, he took the writing duties on both Wolverine and Captain America and Bucky, which had become a team-up book starring Captain America.

He also co-wrote a five issue Venom arc with Rick Remender. After that storyline, Bunn took over as sole writer of the series, starting with issue 23.

In August of 2012, a four issue limited series called Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Bunn wrote was released weekly. This series showed what would happen if Deadpool murdered the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe, in the same vein as The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe.

It was reported in January 2013 that NBC ordered a television pilot for The Sixth Gun. Filming is slated to begin in New Mexico between March and April 2013.

Characters created by Cullen Bunn

Marvel Comics

DC Comics

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