H. P. Lovecraft`s Call of Cthulhu Graphic Novel

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Hi there, 

At the moment I`m working on a Graphic Novel called H.P. Lovecraft`s Call of Cthulhu, which I would like to publish in the USA. Here are some sample pages of chapter one. 
I had the big luck to get H.R. Giger for the foreword, he`s a huge Lovecraft fan (Lovecraft`s stories had a big influence on his artwork) and his support and praise for my drawings and layout after presenting him chapter one gave me much motivation to keep on working. Now I`m searching for a publisher in the . My idea is to publish it in three parts (every part has 25 pages) and maybe later as a paperback with 75 pages. Chapter one and two are already finished, I will post some samples of chapter two in a second step...

 Please write what you think about it…. 


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this is relevent to my intrests...

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Good news everyone... the comic will be released as a graphic novel by Transfuzion Publishing. I will tell you more about the release when I know exactly.
@Mr. Tetch: I`ve heard you have seen the Batman live (that whole Alice Pleasance-Story for example). Does he look like Michael Keaton or like Christian Bale in reality?

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I'm not a Lovecraftian fan/expert but this actually looks pretty cool...

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Looks good

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