Does Crystal get hurt by electricity too, just like Storm?

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I have seen Storm being hurt by electricity coming from opponents. Does Crystal have that issue too?

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This is the only thing I can find. But I really don't know. I've seen pictures with her kissing H. Torch when he was "flamed on". I don't think she is immune to it, but probably takes more against her.
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well if she can swim in lava..

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@abaldo said:

well if she can swim in lava..

She not immune though. She can swim in lava for a very limited period (only a few minutes), so she does have some resistance to extreme heat, but from what I recall she got scalded by steam as she escaped the lava and almost died. HT had to drain the heat from her body to save her.

With electricity she can defend against it by consciously controlling the molecules in her body. If she doesn't see it coming I think she can be hurt/possibly killed by a powerful enough electric discharge.

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