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When Schurk-Heren and his crew try to sell “Jebble Box” to Fane Peturri and were captured by Sith Lord Darth Vader. They found that “Jebble Box” was in fact a Dreypa's Oubliette, a pre-Republic era Sith made contraption. Inside with were a dormant Celeste Morne and Muur Talisman. When fight between Celeste and Vader begin Uhumele’s crew were able to escape. But when they was almost on ship, Celeste understand that she wont able to win fair fight against Vader and uses Muur Talisman power to create rakghouls. As all other not force-sensitive humans on planet, Crys Taanzer also became rakghoul and captain Schurk-Heren made an inevitable decision to shoot her before she could turn against him and rest of crew.

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