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Comicdom's leading Pre-Code horror reprint anthology is back, bigger and better than ever- it's AC Comic's Crypt of Horror, Volume 8!! Inside the classic Warren Kremer cover, you'll find 140 pages of 1950's terror tales from defunct publishers like Magazine Enterprises, Standard/Nedor, Hillman, ACG, Comic Media, Mikeross, Harvey, Fiction House and others, guaranteed to chill your spine. Featuring timeless tales like"The Witch of the Haunted Hills", "Saleman of Death", "Ghostly Revenge"; "Here's To Horror"; "The Hungry Horde";"Web For Her Wedding Dress", "Creamation"; "Hidden Graveyard"; "Curse of the Zamboori"; "The Crown of Coort"; "Kiss and Kill"; "Clumsy"; "the Gost of Dr. Renick"; "Rotting Flesh of the Dead"; "Visitor"; "The Lucky Stiff"; "Nightmare Island" and more- many of them introduced by own happy horror host, LON MADNIGHT himself!! Thrill to the artwork of such line-art luminaries as: Sheldon Moldoff, Jerry Grandenetti, Dick Ayers, Bob Powell, Bill Benulis, Paul Hodge, Howard Nostrand, Gene Fawcette, Rocke Mastroserio, Bill Fraccio, Bob Forgione, Bill Ely and others, in some of the WEIRDEST macabre fantasy tales you've ever read- all in perfect, sparkling, crystal-clear reproduction on full , complete stories, exactly as they appeared back in "the good old days" of horror comics. We didn't get up to Volume 8 in this series because vintage horror fans DON'T love this book- it's a great value and hours of comic-reading entertainment. Standard comic-book size, 140 pages, black and white interiors with full-color covers, saddle-stitched. Printed in 2010. 

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