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Pull up a tombstone and get ready for another hair-raising read with this latest collection of Pre-Code horror comics goodies, as host LON MADNIGHT presents a whopping 21 full stories from the fear-filled 1950′s!! Behind a Lee Elias cover this issue features a quartet of Bob Powell illustrated screamers including “The Girl of the Moompool”,”Happy Anniversary”, “The Museum”, and “The Shrunken Skull”; “Look Homeward, Werewolf” as drawn by MortLawrence; Harry Lazarus’ “Curse of the Vampires”, “The Polka-Dot Man”, by Dick Ayers; “Werewolf Beware” by Don Heck; “A Beast Is In The Street”, by Jack Kirby; “Demon Flies” by Joe Certa; “Ju-Ju” by Syd Shores; plus “The Ugly Duckling”, “The Way To A Man’s Heart”, “Operation-Monster”, “Swamp Monster”, “rat-Trap”, “The Gossips”, “Twin of Terror”, “Valley of the Scaly Monsters”, “The Shrieking Terror”, and “The Healer and the Heel”- 120 pages of scary classics in all, stories reprinted from a varity of defunct publishers including ACG, Ace, Charlton, Prize, Aragon and others. Reprinted in crystal-clear black & white using state-of-the-art reprographic techniques. Standard comic book size, color covers, saddle-stitched.

More grisly goodies reprinted from 1950's horror comics, including atmospheric gems such as "Demon Flies", "The Shrunken Skull", "The Man With No Face", "City Of The Living Dead", and "Marching Zombies." Artists include Rudy Palais, Bob Powell, Dick Ayers, Lee Elias, Ogden Whitney, Russ Heath, A. C. Hollingsworth, Steve Ditko, Kida, and others.







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