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Yet another king-sized collection of macabre masterpieces gleaned from the great horror comics of the 1950′s; most from the pre-code era, most NEVER BEFORE REPRINTED!! 17 stories in all, originally published by Avon, Charlton, Fawcett and others. Stories include “Cadaver Lover”; “From All Our Darkrooms”, “Monster of Zollmort Castle”; “Thing From Under The Sea”; “The Black Crows”; “Two Frightened People”; “The Grim Unreality”; “Strange Fate of Captain Fenton”; “The Haunted Corpse”; “Curse of the Bulaga”; “Doctor Molnar’s Corpse”; “Your Coffin is Waiting, Sir”; “A moving Performance”; “Mosters of the Mind” and others, as drawn by Wallace Wood, Harry Lazarus, R. S. Pious, Steve Ditko, Bob Powell, Mo Marcus, Dick Giordano & Dick Ayers !! If you liked the first two issues of Crypt of Horror, you’ll love this one as well, as it is more of the BEST horror comics from the kooky, creepy 1950′s; the Golden Age of the horror comic book. All full stories, reprinted in crystal clarity, using state-of-the-art techniques for re-presenting vintage comic book material. Special appearance & story intos by horror host Lon Madnight from the AC Comics/ Smarty Pants Entertainment Crypt of Horror film series. 120 pages, black & white with color covers. Standard comic book size & format, saddle-stitched.

A collection of mostly pre-Code horror comics. Features such tales as "Cadaver Lover", "From All Our Darkrooms", and "Your Coffin Is Waiting, Sir".







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