dark_noldor's Crusades #1 - HC review

The Fists of "God"

Comic books are great because the paper can accept any ideas, from super heroes to zombies, the infinite is the limit of the authors creativity and imbedded with this "fire of knowledge" I often dwell into different publishers and material, in the constant search for good stories. Humanoids is a great publisher, surprising me more than many times with amazing books and this Crusades HC is no different. Set in the 13th century, this is a story about an elite group of the Catholic Church with a mission to discover the mysteries of a plague that killed a lot of people in a city in Egypt. All the good elements of a thrill novel and D&D are here, such as an intriguing plot, cults and occults sects, tough characters, adventures in dark and wet dungeons, battles, moments of perill, a beautiful lady in arms, drinking and fighting, any fan of RPG will not be disapointed. Also there're lots of pages focused in the characters' evolution and emotions, in a way that balances the gaps and some mistakes of the story. I like medieval age tales a lot and the creative team really dedicated time and effort to show in a proper way the culture of the time, being loyal and accurate to language (it's horrible when you pick up a book set in medieval age and people talk like gangsters and all the cursing), customs (clothes, weapons, scenarios, all is very well covered). The words are very pretty but it's the art that really steal the scene here: this chinese artist Zhang Xiaoyu is incredible, his reallistic style combined with the amazing colors of Zhou Hualong and Li Jian shapes this story in a way that every face or movement represents what the characters are feeling or thinking: when the character is sad, his face looks sad, when he's being sarcastic, there's a grim face along with it. He is responsible for incredible action scenes, filled with frame-to-frame moves, sequencial art at its prime, each character has it's own different face and facial characteristics, clothes, weapons, very precise. This artist was one of the best of the year 2012, no doubt about it. So, it's a quest, a political search for an ultimate weapon, that turns out quite differently, since the group (The Fist of the Templars) discovered much more than what they can bear. This was a very good an nice reading and I recommend it!

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