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Medicine for the soul.

I am only going to talk about the graphic novel and not the movie that more people would be likely exposed to.  The Crow is one of those graphic novels I honestly believe everyone should read at least once in their life.  For those who are not familiar with the origins of this graphic novel, creator J (James) O'Barr lost his fiancé because of a drunk driver.  Not everyone experiences a loved one dying and those who have tend to struggle with that void.  The Crow was J.O.B's therapy.  The Crow became a visual poem of life, love and loss.  Life can be cold and cruel and it can be bright and warm, I believe J.O.B did a wonderful job expressing how life hard for everyone, but in those hard times their are wonderful moments.

J.O.B. dances with emotion.  He Waltz with death and limbos with love and that is what life is really like. The Crow is a dark story and their is not denying that, but it is extremely dark to show one extreme and only by seeing that extreme do the juxtapositions of love really sing.
The Crow is celebrated because of the way it speaks to our emotions.  There are a few chapters that even after I have reread this book will still get me to tear up a little.   You do not need to have a love lost die to have this book strike your heart strings, their are certain characters that are believable, such as Sandy the drug addict, who I am sure is not fair off from real junkies sleeping with their dealers to pay for their addiction.  The Crow becomes that carrion that carries away the dead and leaves the living to live.
As a reflection of life and death The Crow is a wonderful graphic novel.  It is written the way graphic novels should be written and it is visual poetry that you rarely see in comics.  The only things I can complain about is the odd inset of a song lyric/poem during the story and may be the self-taught art style is not for everyone.  I would recommend The Crow because it really is a special book.

- SIlkcuts  
Posted by Liberty

I guess I know how you feel about the book now.  lol.

Posted by Silkcuts
@Liberty: The Crow is a very influential comic to me.  What I want to achieve in "Forever", emotionally speaking, I draw a bit from The Crow.  You read the script for issue #1 of "Forever", did I capture the emotion?

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