Should CrossFire have more of a role in the MU?

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Crossfire like many other villains does not get enough attention because they have no Super-powers. Or are not major villain to major labels. I think he is perfect for a Arch-enemy for Hawkeye or Mockingbird. What are your thoughts.

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His lack of superpowers isn't the reason. It's because he's about as good as he is, which is as much as the thugs he hangs with constantly and the amount of times he lost to someone else. he deserves to be anyone's core nemesis as much as Solo does. He wasn't able to present himself as a legitimate threat to Hawkeye and Mockingbird in the first place, much less has ever to anyone else and less skilled than those two so I can't see why he would be the go to for this. Mid-level opponents have their place and are not major villian's for a reason.

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@CATPANEXE: I understand what you are saying. But a number of times he has broken Hawkeye and Mockingbird. The problem I see is that the man was a manipulator and professional interrogator for the C.I.A . So right there he is a threat to heroes because he has that way to find out who they are and hurt them at home. Which for alot of heroes is dangerous waters. It was his first encounter with Hawkeye that was mentioned he had over 100 offshore accounts then in Blindspot Baron Zemo fronted him even more money to help get back at Hawkeye. So He should at least have his own crime syndacate or terrorist group to say the least.

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@Omegus: Just saying, either way he is where he is. Some characters are meant not to be the big upfront one, and that's not really a bad thing nor does it make them more enjoyable. It's like saying Squirrel Girl is super tough, has all these feats, and I like her, so she should have her own series and lead the Avengers on top of it. But we both know why that's not logical. Because she's a B to C Lister at best, and since she is she doesn't get to take precedence over other characters. While this still doesn't make her, or him any less cool what it does do is make them only as popular as they are, ei: the comics wouldn't sell because they had enough time now to prove just how many fans they have and who cares for them and it's not a large amount. I can guarantee most people on this site don't even know who this is, and the only reason anyone's noticed is because he's in Villains For Hire. So should he take point before more popular villains like Bullseye, Lady Bullseye, Taskmaster, Kingpin, Dr.Octopus, Electro, Shocker, Mr.Negative, Baron Zemo, or any number of already more known villains that most readers are interested in.? Or more, take the job of his boss Purple Man in that series? No, I don't believe it would work, no more than would trying to sell Paladin in his own series. Someone has to play outfield, it doesn't make them any less important, they're just the one for position. Hawkeye and Mockingbird aren't on solid ground anyways, attempts to sell them in series have been pushed but under constant failure, likewise more popular and higher selling characters books falling off the grid as well. I'm a huge fan of second to third stringers myself, and dreamy about them running the show, but I know that's my opinion and that doesn't make the character fantastic in the eyes of everyone. I mean, Sabretooth prior to his last death was barely depicted at the level your speaking, maybe aside from that really old mini. Rarely is Mystique. Cats like Mysterio and Hobgoblin work as hired help and operate out of warehouses and what not. Nearly every member of the Hoods Gang, The Masters of Evil, The Sergeant Society, The Maruaders, The Brotherhood, ect. meets the same criteria as Crossfire, yet they aren't suddenly the high roller either just based on the fact they have skills and have been a thorn in a heroes side. Heck, Toads a janitor, lol. I feel redundant even explaining this honestly. Every dog gets their day and everyone has their time in the spotlight, and is gone like a flash in a pan. Be thankful they're even Crossfire as much as they are now is all I can really say, given how long he sat at the bottom of the toybox.

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You know what, your right. It is too much for me to ask from a company like Marvel to make minor characters like Crossfire more limelight. But the writing on how they use these characters is horrid. But you are right.

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@Omegus: Crossfire is having a really good showing in Villains for Hire atm... he was the last Hero for Hire standing in #3. And the only honorable one. It's making me think he has potential to be one of those neutral characters who can be evil sometimes but can do good ocassionally (like Zemo).
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@X35: I loved him in Villains For Hire. I dont agree with Hero for Hire. William Cross had proven time and time again he is a dirty fighter. He sniped Mockingbirds mom in her hotel room just to get Hawkeye and Mockingbird pissed off. I felt in Hero's for Hire they made him lean a little to much to good. I can understand he will do what he needs to do to get money to start his operations again. But how they protrayed him was like, Hawkeye in "Avenging Spider-man #4". They made him into this absolute idiot in that issue.

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@Omegus: Well i use the term "Hero for hire" loosely... but that's what Misty's team was even if it was packed with mostly those villains who are sometimes neutral.  
I don't think he was an idiot, i think in that case he just wanted out of the whole thing and switching sides wouldn't've helped that. I think it was just cool how he was pretty much the only one from misty's team who was still fighting til the end even though he's a villain it was one of those moments where among the other villains he was actually the hero
here's hoping the final issue sees him get some revenge on the others >:D
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also on crossfire, i think he should've been used as one of the big bad guys for the west coast avengers to face .. after the hawkeye mini that led into west coast, he seemed like the perfect fit for their rogues gallery but... it just never happened. they never really got much of a rogues gallery. it was mostly folks not good enough for the main avengers and goliath. crossfire would'e been a good fit, maybe with the death throws too.

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I think he's fine where he is right now, as Hawkeye's archnemesis

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: Agreed, still would love to see more stories with Hawkeye vs Crossfire.

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