Ennis' CROSSED... in 3D?!?!

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 Following the morbid track, I can't help but think of the red eye as, well, a red eye and the blue as an empty ocular socket.

Oh boy… Garth Ennis & Jacen Burrow’s Avatar Press comic CROSSED is already pretty infamous for being one of the most intense comics ever committed to page. It’s a post-Apocalyptic survival horror story about the world getting overrun by the Crossed - - infected maniacs who indulge their most vile urges because all their inhibitions have been eroded by a virus. Bleeding Cool’s gotten wise to some (probably intentional) leaks that Avatar’s put out in anticipation of Comic Con for a new sequel, CROSSED 3D, that’s coming from David Lapham (who just did the CROSSED:FAMILY VALUES one-shot) and Gianluca Pagliarani (of IGNITION CITY and WOLFSKIN.)

Here’s the official synopsis for this project, coming out in December…

When one of the last surviving human doctors gets trapped in a New York skyscraper, SWAT veteran Lt. Hunt MacAvoy assembles a rag-tag group of handymen and embarks on a rescue mission of madness - right into a city swarming with millions of homicidal maniacs! Crossed bursts into a whole new dimension of horror with this original full-color graphic novel in 3D!

Mmhm… the 3D craze that’s spreading through movie theaters like… like… well, I guess, like the Crossed virus, is now spreading into comics. A lot of people have commented that CROSSED is hard to stomach in just two dimensions, imagine how much more unsettling it’s going to be in three.  == TEASER ==

I remember seeing a lot of kids walking around C2E2 with the CROSSED masks that Avatar was handing out - - printed paper that made it look like the wearer’s had the signature bloody “T” on their faces - - so it’d follow that the 3D goggles for this comic would continue that same design conceit, right? You can see for yourself up above.

Peep the covers for CROSSED 3D below…

You know, CROSSED is currently in development as a movie. Fans were thinking that thing would have be to rated NC-17 if it were done like the comic and I can't help thinking there'd have to be some new, even more restrictive rating if it were done in 3D, as well. Like you'd have be at least 41 to be allowed to watch it.

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If they did this movie it would have to be NC-17

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@aruthlessg said:
" If they did this movie it would have to be NC-17 "
if they did this movie it would be banned by half of the world
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@Bossjugg said:
" @aruthlessg said:
If they did this movie it would have to be NC-17
if they did this movie it would be banned by half of the world
             If they make this movie then I can die happy!
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And it would make sissies out of films like Cannibal Holocaust, which have reputations to uphold
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The movie would get away with r, there are ways to get away with the most graphic scenes and still get the point across. I'd still want to see the directors cut though.

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Tom, how can a comic book be in 3D??

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@Tom Pinchuk: Crossed: Family Values isn't a one-shot, it's supposed to be six issues with two in print currently
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With the exception of a few nasty layouts there isn't much in this comic I haven't seen elsewhere and especially from muh boy Garth.  I felt there wasn't much different from Crossed than say...28 Days Later, or Dawn of the Dead, or even McCarthy's novel The Road.  Now that I think about it, The Road is pretty much a zombie/survival horror story and the cannibal tribes are very similar to the bands of "crossed."  I just have a feeling another movie (whether it's based on one of my favorite comic writer's works or not) about the end of the world by way of zombies/infected lunatics will just feel like another drop in the bucket.

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@Red L.A.M.P.:
It's not uncommon.  DC's done a bunch of 3D oneshots, Blackthorne had an entire series of 3D comics (different titles on the covers [GI Joe, Star Wars, etc.], but the indicia carried the "Blackthorne 3D" title).  There have been others, but I don't recall them off the top of my head. 
I don't know how they do it, but the art's usually a blurry mix of red, blue and green lines that combine when viewed with the glasses, to make somewhat of a 3D effect.
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It's similar to 28 Days/Weeks Later.

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