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The Inhumanity

This is how I liked my Crossed. This issue has no gore in it. In fact this is one of those issues that hardly has anything violent in it at all, but it is just as gripping and intense as any other issue that Garth Ennis has penned. One of the most memorable events from the original series occurred with the question of whether or not you could kill little kids who had not become Crossed simply to save them from a more horrid future. This topic was a like a shot to the gut for me, it raised an incredible question and to see how it plays out was just as intense, if not more so, than seeing anyone getting torn apart in front of their family or the crossed only a few feet away from the protagonists about to maim and rape them.

This issue raises another question of the same caliber. Are you willing to leave the weaker behind to save yourself and the rest of those you are with. That is as far into the question as I will go since I don't want to ruin the details for you as it is the details that make this issue what it is. Garth Ennis is a master at taking a horribly and almost certainly gore ridden plot premise and showing the other side of the coin, the side of the inhumanity of those who are still sane and how others perceive and react to it. That is really what Crossed is about, that's how it started and I hope like hell that Badlands remains that way. Crossed explores something far more intense and terrifying than gore and hopelessness, it explores the recesses of humanity that very few chose to even think about let alone face. Crossed explores that part of being human which one rarely faces, our survival rational in the worst circumstances and the true black soul we all ultimately have if we really want to survive.

This issue is not to be missed, it ranks right up there with some of Garth's best work and Jacen Burrows' art shines through as perfect for this genre as always. There is more than just Crossed and it is darker than anything they can do to you.


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