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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 131: The Upper Range (後半だよ "Kōhan Da yo")
  • Chapter 132: That's What I'm Saying (こっちのセリフだろ! "Kocchi no Serifu Daro!")
  • Chapter 133: It Happens Sometimes! (たまたまだよ! "Tama Tama Da yo!")
  • Chapter 134: He's About It (…あいつだよ "...Aitsu Da yo")
  • Chapter 135: It Ain't Summer's Fault (夏のせいじゃねえよ "Natsu no Sei Janē yo")
  • Chapter 136: I've Got A Bad Feeling About This (やーな感じだなァ "Yā na Kanji Da na")
  • Chapter 137: You'd Be In The Way (おまえは邪魔 "Omae wa Jama")
  • Chapter 138: Couldn't Have Been More Clear (バレバレだったよ "Bare Bare Datta yo")
  • Chapter 139: It Never Changes (変わんねぇなあ "Kawanne naa")
  • Chapter 140: He's Always Been A Liar (ウソつきだったよ "Usotsuki Datta yo")







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