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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 121: It's Just the Truth (ただの事実ですから "Tada no Jijitsu Desukara")
  • Chapter 122: Still Running (まだ走ってるぞ "Mada Hashiteruzo")
  • Chapter 123: Who's That? (誰だあいつ? "Dare Da Aitsu?")
  • Chapter 124: No-Name Schools and Informal Fools, Or, She'll Never Change... (無名校と無礼講 (仮) 改め、あいかわらずだな... "Mumeikō to Bureiko (han) Aratamu, Aikawarazu Da na...")
  • Chapter 125: It's a Close Game (接戦だよ "Sessen Da yo")
  • Chapter 126: He Looks Damn Happy (いい顔してやがる "Ii Kaoshite Yagaru")
  • Chapter 127: Too Early! (まだ早ーい! "Mada Hayai!")
  • Chapter 128: That's Best Of All (一番ですよ "Ichiban Desu yo")
  • Chapter 129: He's Pretty Special (かなりなもんだよ "Kanari na Mon Da yo")
  • Chapter 130: That's Me, The Idiot (バカですよーだ "Baka Desu yō Da")







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