explenation please

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sorry, i've been on the boards for sometime now but i haven't come accross this bit before...

are we only supposed to use the characters listed on the overview or can we edit other characters into it?

if so i have two for definite that need to be placed in the 'Trancendent' part...

Guardians of the Universe


(do you want seperate character rankings for the Quintessence?)


just a few off the top of my head for the page...

or am i thinking about this the wrong way?


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ahh right :)

cheers, how do we go about changing the 'order' of the rankings then?

do we descuss it, or is that what the battles are for?


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Create a thread for it (on the page, like this one) and suggest who you want to move or add where. I added those without discussing it because there was no need for it, but all other changes should be discussed and several people should agree on it. The battles are not related to this page.

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ahhh right... i understand now :)

sounds like a good idea :)

now to figure out where to put The Darkness (not Jackie estacado, he's just a metahuman) i'm talking about the actual darkness, the power itself.

would it have it's own ranking?

it has it's own survival instincts, it's own history... where do you rank that? it's capable of changing the world to it's own design... does that count as trancendance?


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We have it listed as Mid Herald and Darkness and its host (Jackie) as one thing. I personally see him as pretty much the average GL, definitely not Transcendent level.

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ok, i understand placing it with the GL's... it's pretty much the same power...

thanks for clearing those bits up for me


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