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Crocobot battled the Downunda Freedom Fighters but he was ready overthrow Robotnik. Even being broken apart can he can still function.

After the nuclear explosion caused by Guru Emu and Tails stopping his escape what was left of his body was repaired and combined with a tank. When his body was destroyed again by Downunda Freedom Fighters during Endgame he used mind control on Duck “Bill” Platypus to repair himself. He was spotted by Sonic, Tails and the Downunda Freedom Fighters where he was send to prison. After a year he was combined with another robot named Octobot which he was later named Crococtobot, a name that Sonic cannot take seriously, even when Crococtobot was attacking him. Although he was defeated by Sonic, Shadow, and Scourge it is unknown that he had survived the outcome as he stated I still function.

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