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This issue contains the Usagi Yojimbo story "Homecoming Part 2" by Stan Sakai, the story "Dinosaurs at the Bar" by Ty Templeton, the Chuck That Duck story "Super Santa" by Mark Armstrong, the Lionheart story "Detente" by Tom Stazer, the Lizard's story "Flying" by J. Holland & Ron Wilber, the De Grand Wa-Zoo story "Vacuum Cleaner Salesman" by Sam Kieth, the Gnuff story "Orva Forever" by Freddy Milton, the Dog Boy story "Doog Boog" by Steve Lafler, and finally the story "Santa Claus & the Bats" by Mike Kazaleh.


"Homecoming Part 1" was reprinted in Usagi Yojimbo TPB #1: The Ronin.

"De Grand Wa-Zoo" was reprinted in I Before E (1991) #2 (Fantagraphics)

Plot of "Homecoming Part 2"

Starting where Part 1 left off, Jotaro bites his ninja captor and frees himself while Usagi slays the would be kidnapper. But it is too late, the Mogura Ninja have stolen the village supplies. Usagi and Kenichi lead a search of the Eastern Mountains to find the Ninja hideout and the supplies. They succeed and return the supplies to the village. Afterwards Usagi and Mariko visit the grave of Usagi's father. Usagi asks her if she would ever leave Kenichi, and she reminds him that she is as bound by busido as he is, and is bound by duty to be loyal to her husband.







Story Arcs

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