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Cristu and Vera operating the forced prostitution ring

Cristu Bulat was born in Romania and the son of Tiberiu Bulat. The two of them ran a mercenary company in the Bosnian War killing Muslims for profit. When NATO was about to get involved in the war knowing it would come to end quickly Cristu along with his love Vera Konstantin hatched a plan to create a forced prostitution ring. Cristu eventually included his father in the deal hoping it would calm him down and allow him to live out his life in relative peace.


The Cristu Bulat character was created by Garth Ennis during his Punisher run on the MAX imprint.

Major Story Arcs

The Slavers

Cristu and Vera run a forced prostitution ring along with Cristu's father Tiberiu. Cristu finds out from his informant in the NYPD Detective Westin that the Punisher killed several of his men who were running drugs on the side, and comes to believe a woman who was seen leaving the area with the Punisher maybe one of the women his organization forced into prostitution. Not taking any chances he forces Detective Westin to get the NYPD to go after the Punisher hoping they will arrest him and throw him in jail before Frank Castle can put the pieces together and trace his men back to his organization.

Cristu is not happy when he finds out his father captured some black gang members who were operating in their territory. He is tired of his father's senseless violence and tries to persuade his father to let a few of them go as a warning to others who would try to muscle in on their turf. Tiberiu loving violence ignored his son's advice and mocked him angering Cristu who calls Vera telling her about that he thinks it might be time to kill his father.

After, a failed attempt to infiltrate the safe house where they ran their forced prostitution ring Cristu, his father, and Vera were forced to move the house and his father has become anxious to try and kill the Punisher since he views him as worthy challenge. Cristu angered tells his father they aren't going anywhere near the Punisher and will let the police deal with it since everyone who goes after the Punisher ends up dead. The two of them proceed to get into an argument with Cristu storming out of his father's house and calling Vera letting her know he was going to have his father killed. Cristu then goes upstate to the location of their new safe house to oversee its operation while the attempt is made on his father's life. The assassination attempted failed and Tiberiu calls Vera to let her and Cristu know that is perfectly alright. Cristu knowing his father is after him then proceeds to have men loyal to him meet him at the safe house where he plans to confront his father once and for all.

The Punisher taking Cristu into the woods to torture him for information

The Punisher arrives before Tiberiu does and drugs the food everyone eats at the house causing them all to fall asleep. The Punisher then proceeds to kill all of Cristu's men and gets Jen Cooke to get all of the girls to safety. When Jen takes off with the girls Frank drags Cristu out into the woods and cuts him up removing some of his intestines before waking him up. Cristu wakes up and freaks out seeing his guts hanging on tree limbs and proceeds to tell the Punisher everything about the organization before Frank Castle kills him.

Other Media

Punisher: War Zone (2008 Movie)

Cristu Bulat in the Punisher: War Zone

Cristu Bulat is a Russian gangster trying to move biological weapons into the United States to sell to Muslim terrorists. Jigsaw and he enter into a deal with how to move the biological weapons into New York City. Jigsaw later on gets arrested and cuts a deal with law enforcement to turn in Cristu Bulat and the biological weapons for immunity. During the deal to give Cristu the weapons law enforcement shows up and arrest Cristu. Cristu promises Jigsaw that he is a dead man as he is being arrested by law enforcement.

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