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Crispin Cordwainer, the famous shoemaker of The Elves and the Shoemaker, named for St. Crispin, the patron of cobblers. He runs the Glass Slipper while Cinderella is off doing her spy work. The elves still have a working relationship with him, though their magic gifts come with unexpected side effects. This is seen when Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love while Cindy goes on another mission, though she told him it was a business trip, he decides to run the shop his way. He convinces the elves to make magic shoes for the Fabletown women, such as jogging shoes that jog for you. However, despite their warning, he gets what he wants. And it comes with a side effect, as the women (like Rapunzel who bought jogging shoes) can't take the shoes off and its exhausting them. This causes the angry women to go on strike where mundys can see, which puts Crispin in trouble with Sheriff Beast. Eventually when Cindy returns, she makes the elves take back the shoes (though Cindy must pay them for their efforts. But she takes it out of Crispin's paycheck). She also makes Crispin give all the Fabletown women, long foot massages for their tired feet. The elves decide to send their shoes back to the Homelands for the soldiers that served the "Emperor".    

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