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Can someone please fire the quality control staff at DC Comics?

Crisis on Earth Prime is the first JLA comic I ever bought, and it's the story that led me to becoming a hardcore DC Comics fan. Even Don Heck's artwork looks cool here. And Jerry Ordway's work on Part 2 and 4 never looked so good. If only the All Star Squadron could get their own color trade, but we can dream . . .

That being said, the quality control on this book is horrible. All Star Squadron 14 is reprinted too far down the page. The paper quality feels like the glue isn't even dry yet, and there's some reprint problems with ink running on the opposite page, and at least one lettering error that got white out.

I wrote a lengthy paragraph about the Secret Society of Supervillains arc just now, but it got erased. I don't feel like retyping it. Needless to say, it was an epic storyline which inspired Infinity, Inc, and solidified the role of the supervillain in the 1990s.It's too bad these printing errors exist and I sincerely hope they get corrected in a second printing. The new generation of 52 readers should know what stories led them to what they are reading now,

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